The Cybersecurity Performance Goals(CPGs) could become the baseline standard for cybersecurity negligence and possible future regulatory requirements.

The CPGs are a set of cybersecurity best practices that IT owners and operators can implement to reduce the likelihood and impact of known cyber threats and cybercriminal tactics. They were developed by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The Cybersecurity Performance Goals are Intended to be :
  • A baseline set of cybersecurity practices broadly applicable across critical infrastructure with known risk-reduction value.
  • A benchmark for critical infrastructure operators to measure and improve their cybersecurity maturity.
  • A combination of recommended practices for IT and OT owners, including a prioritized set of security practices.
  • Unique from other control frameworks as they consider not only the practices that address risk to individual entities, but also the aggregate risk to the nation.

It is highly recommended to consider these goals in your business. By implementing these goals, IT owners and operators will not only reduce risks to critical infrastructure operations but also to the American people. Read more here.

With assessments from Impact Business Technology, you can gauge how your current cybersecurity framework stacks against these recommended guidelines. If there are any areas where your organization falls short, we can recommend and offer solutions to help you reach these standards.

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