The Impact Team

Professional, Personable, Dedicated, Customer-Oriented & Dependable — The Impact team works hard behind the scenes to keep your IT systems up and running.  

Neil Holme

Founder + CEO

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Neil Holme received his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Salford University in Salford England. After graduating, Neil spent several years building and commissioning power generation systems in the UK, Eastern Europe, Africa, and South-East Asia.
In 1996 Neil accepted an opportunity to come to the United States to work for a systems integrator on a business process re-engineering project. After six years Neil identified an underserved market in IT support for small to medium-size businesses and started Impact Business Technology.

Jim Zinko

Senior Network Engineer

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Jim Zinko has a decade of experience building and maintaining computers and computer networks. Currently, Jim is the Service Quality Supervisor at Impact Business Technology where he plays a crucial role supporting Impact BT’s service delivery including customer satisfaction, documentation, and recordkeeping.

Jose Morales

Service Delivery Director

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As the Service Delivery Director with 25 years of experience, Jose has made it his passion to work with the Impact Team to deliver best-in-class service. Outside of work, Jose and his family enjoy volunteering and serving their local community.

Chess Lee

Process Support Lead

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With 7 years of experience at Impact, Chess brings a wide variety of skills to his supervisory responsibilities. From his personal touch to his technical skills, he works hard to maintain a team-like structure to provide the very best service to the client. When he is not at work, you can find him working on some sort of vehicle, fishing, or looking for new experiences.

Erika Leavy

Business Operations Analyst

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Erika has joined the Impact team as our newest Business Operations Analyst. She is excited to help improve our operational efficiency and discover all the ways she can positively impact the company. When she is not working, Erika enjoys spending time with her family, learning something new, playing video games, or doing anything creative! 

Benjamin Barnstien

Process Support Analyst

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Ben is a compassionate individual and is always looking to learn something new. Whenever Ben is not working with anything related to tech, you can often find him in the kitchen cooking new foods, spending time with family, or playing board games with his friends.

Kyle Troy

Process Support Analyst

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Kyle has been passionate about technology from a very young age. He enjoys spending time researching current and past advancements in the field. His weekends are typically filled with adventures to historical sites, library visits, and spending time with his dog, Louis.

Kathryn Kenny

Compliance Analyst

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Kathryn graduated from Iona College’s cybersecurity course at the end of 2021 and joined the Impact team a short time after. Most of her time is spent at the computer, whether it be for work, creating digital art, or playing games.

Rod Bastedo

Software Developer

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Rod has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and diverse
entrepreneurial and professional experience.  He previously ran his own wholesale distribution business and brings 12 years of professional software development experience including support, implementation, and integration. In his free time, Rod enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.

Eric Botsford

Helpdesk Supervisor

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Eric found a home at Impact when he joined the team at the beginning of 2020. Since then, he continues to learn about the newest technologies while maintaining and earning vital certifications for the industry. He is a kind-hearted guy who is always willing to help and educate others. When he isn’t working on computers, Eric can be easily found in the gym or not so easily found in the woods fishing or camping.

Anthony Gadoci

Network Engineer

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Anthony graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and joined the ImpactBT team in 2013. Anthony worked hard and acquired the position as a Network Engineer. Between assisting the Helpdesk and working on Project’s, he enjoys spending time with his wife and rescued furry family.

Jeffery Festa

Network Engineer

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Jeff is a personable network engineer who loves solving problems. Customer service is what he thrives on and satisfying customers is what he enjoys.

Joseph Gabinelli

Network Engineer

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Joe is a WatchGuard firewall certified technician, Datto backup specialist,  and has 20 plus years of customer service experience, and 15 years of Helpdesk support experience. In his spare time, Joe’s hobbies include fishing, football, cooking, video games, and audiobooks.

Brian Moker

Network Engineer

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Brian is driven by a desire to assist people and improve their lives, as well as a long-standing love for computers and electronics. His passion for technology comes from tinkering with computers with his grandfather in the 90’s.

Oscar Cruz

Tier 2 Helpdesk Technician

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Driven by tech resolutions and customer satisfaction, Oscar is a resourceful IT professional. Outside of work, he is a dedicated husband and a father proudly serving his country as part of the armed forces since 2015.

Michael Castellucci

Tier 2 Helpdesk Technician

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Michael has spent his entire career providing exceptional customer service & finds great joy in helping resolve customer issues. Patience and determination are his strong suits. Outside of work, Mike is a dedicated husband and a father of two amazing children.

Eddy Batista

Tier 2 Helpdesk Technician

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Eddy always strives to keep evolving in both his professional and personal life. He believes growing and improving are the keys to his success. In his free time, you can find Eddy enjoying sports, traveling, games, movies, and spending time with family & friends.

Michael Manoni

Tier 1 Helpdesk Technician

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Michael has spent nearly all of his professional career in customer service supporting PCs, Macs, and industry-standard AV equipment in both corporate and retail environments. He enjoys tinkering and repairing devices from full desktops to his Apple Watch. When not in the office, Michael enjoys the simple things. He brews a good cup of coffee and cooks a mean Bolognese. His other passions include playing guitar, singing, weight-lifting, pro audio, BBQ, and camping.

Jakob Snow

Tier 1 Helpdesk Technician

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Jakob is passionate about computers whether it’s building, fixing, or playing on them. He likes to play multiplayer games with friends. He also enjoys exploring the nature around him through hiking and exploring.

Pietro Fernandez

Tier 1 Helpdesk Technician

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When it comes to customer service, Pietro goes above and beyond to provide the best support for any client. Pietro is always looking at the latest trends and innovations within the tech world to improve his learning and skills. Outside of work, you might find him playing video games with his friends, watching TV with his partner, or reading comic books.

Michael Rojas

Tier 1 Helpdesk Technician

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Michael has over 11 years of customer service experience with knowledge of Datto backup and recovery solutions. He is deeply fascinated by the advancement in the technology world and is always looking to learn new technologies.

Outside of work Michael likes to spend time with his family and enjoys hobbies such as soccer, exercising and playing video games.

Marvin Espinal

Tier 1 Helpdesk Technician

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Marvin is a tinkerer at heart, he enjoys breaking things down or taking them apart to see how they work. Marvin also likes to build and constuct things. His workshop at home is where most of his inventions are born. He is a huge fan of motorcycles as well, riding and working on them.

Mallory Angelo

Tier 1 Helpdesk Technician

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Mallory is a dedicated IT professional who leverages her background working in behavioral health to not only resolve technical problems, but ensure clients feel heard, supported, and satisfied throughout the resolution process. When she is not working, she enjoys attending concerts, traveling, and building her collection of retro games and consoles.

Daniel Gorski

Tier 1 Helpdesk Technician

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Daniel grew up in his father’s auto repair shop fixing engines and building computers, becoming a serial dilettante in all things tech. He has developed a strong troubleshooting methodology focused on meaningful success and communication, honed through more than a decade of experience in customer service, tech support, and repairing anything from industrial machinery to computer electronics. To unwind, he likes to spend time with his family (both people and furry), keep his hands busy with sculpture, and crack open some infosec training like hackthebox.

Kameron Holness

Marketing Coordinator

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In early 2021, Kameron joined the Impact Team as the very first Marketing Coordinator. With her Bachelor’s degree in Sales & Marketing, she works diligently to expand and strengthen Impact BT’s customer base and online presence.