Beginning in July of 2023, the state of Connecticut will enforce the comprehensive data privacy law passed in June 2022. This law applies to certain businesses based in Connecticut and businesses that serve or produce products for Connecticut residents.
  • Are based in Connecticut.
  • Serve or produce products for Connecticut residents.
  • Process the data of at least 100,000 consumers annually (minus transactions that are limited to just a payment of some sort).
  • Make at least 25% of their revenue from the sale of personal information and process data for at least 25,000 consumers annually.
If your business meets the criteria, you will have to incorporate new data collection parameters and disclaimers. You must also provide a way for consumers to access, correct, or delete their stored data. Read the full amendment here.
In addition, these businesses will be required to have data protection assessments completed and documented. Proof of these assessments may be requested by the state Attorney General at their discretion. 

Impact Business Technology can help you classify consumer data, assess your business’s data security, and provide the needed documentation of your standing. Failure to have the proper documentation can result in penalties given out by the Attorney General as their discretion. Avoid penalties and a legal headache caused by noncompliance before the law goes into effect.

Sound like a daunting task?It is. Thats why you should hire a team of experts like Impact Business Technology to tackle it for you.

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