Cybercriminals have started targeting a new demographic in recent years: travelers. When preparing for a trip, cyber security is probably the last thing on your mind. However, not taking cybersecurity into account while traveling puts both vacationers and business travelers at a higher risk for a cyber attack while away from home.

Traveling puts you in an unfamiliar environment where you often have less control over your surroundings, including your digital environment. You are busy and distracted, and it’s easier to do what’s most convenient, even if it’s not as safe.

Consider these best practices while traveling:

  • Back up your data on all your devices
    • If you lose or damage any device while you’re away, you want to make sure you can recover your files later on.
  • Lock & authenticate your devices and accounts
    • For an additional line of protection, activate Multi-Factor Authentication to ensure your accounts are safe even if someone steals or guesses your password.
  • Limit activity on public WIFI networks
    • On shared public networks, pay close attention to any security warnings. You might be tricked into using an insecure or compromised system.
  • Update all security & hardware on your networks
    • Out-of-date systems can contain vulnerabilities for hackers to break in. Turning on automatic updates is highly recommended.
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