In today’s digital age, we are always searching for the easiest and fastest way to get things done. The option to use platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter to sign up for services allowed for almost instantaneous access without the need to store and remember yet another set of login credentials. However, many people opt for this method without fully understanding the risk.

Google just uncovered hidden malware in a Play Store app that prompted users to sign into a compromised Facebook login page. Threat actors then used these stolen credentials to take over the users’ Facebook accounts. The infected app found in the Google Play store had over 100,000 downloads meaning there is a large number of people who potentially have had their online identity stolen.

A compromised social media account can have serious consequences as it gives threat actors a base to gather more information. Social media login credentials are used by cybercriminals to compromise accounts in multiple ways, the most common being to commit financial fraud, send phishing links, and spread fake news. All of which can tarnish your reputation and lead to the potential deactivation of your accounts.

A good way to prevent this from happening to you and your loved ones is to practice and teach cyber awareness—especially to young children. No one is too young to have their identity stolen. Confirm an app or website’s authenticity before downloading anything to your device. Check the details in the corresponding app store and read the reviews. If anything seems off, do not install it. In instances like these where the app or site may seem legit, choose to create your own account versus using identity providers like Facebook.

Not every security risk can be predicted so having policies and procedures in place prior to a security breach is highly recommended. From dark web scans to routine software patching, Impact Business Technology has an entire suite of comprehensive protection measures to protect you and your business.